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Langara Students’ Union to change bylaws for Societies Act

Desmond Rodenbour, left, and six of the candidates for the LSU by-election. Photo: Chahira Merarsi

Reported by Bonnie Lee La Madeleine

As the newly elected Langara Students’ Union representatives slip into their new roles, the top of their agenda will be the revision of LSU bylaws — which outline how the LSU serves and communicates with its membership.

The new Societies Act will be replacing the old Society Act, and a notable change in the legislation is the need to digitize a society’s bylaws. The body must update its bylaws within the next two years as new provincial legislation goes into effect Nov. 28.

“Like the constitution, the consolidated bylaws should be in electronic format,” stated a document from the B.C. Registry Services.

In a written statement, B.C.’s Ministry of Finance said the changes were made to address priorities like flexibility, public accountability and member protection.

LSU to create new bylaws

On Oct. 3 the LSU board ordered its general manager, Desmond Rodenbour to draft a new set of bylaws that will, in keeping with the resolution, “clarify and expand member rights with regard to access to LSU records.” His draft will be presented to the new council at its first meeting.

While it is not known precisely what changes will be made to the bylaws, there has been speculation that the LSU will work to improve its relationship with the college and expand member access to documents and budgets.

Saman Barring, candidate for LSU councillor. Photo: Chahira Merarsi

At the All Candidates Forum in the LSU Building last Thursday, candidates were asked about the LSU bylaws and upcoming revisions.

Saman Barring, a second-year business student and council member hopeful, said the LSU lacks accountability and transparency.

“Students should know where their money is going and how [the LSU] is spending it,” he said.

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