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SLIDESHOW: Langara College students flash mob snowball fight


Reported by Bala Yogesh, Emelie Peacock and Clare Hennig

Langara students launched a flash mob snowball fight on campus this afternoon, making the most of the record-breaking amounts of snow that have fallen over the past couple days.

Vancouver has received more than 31 centimetres of snow so far this month, according to Environment Canada. The storm  caused chaos across the city, delaying transit and interrupting classes schedules.

That didn’t deter Langara students though who took a playful break to enjoy the unusual amounts of snow.

Langara cancelled classes on Monday evening due to the severe weather conditions but classes resumed by Tuesday morning. Students may want to bring their mittens for Wednesday though when “hazardous winter conditions” are forecasted by Environment Canada.

Here are some photographs of Langara’s first snowball fight in years.

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