70 per cent of Langara students masturbate, says study

Langara statistics student pictured here in "Brussel Sprouts" taken by Chena San Martin.
Langara statistics student pictured here in “Brussel Sprouts” taken by Chena San Martin.

This is a very touchy subject, but some Langara students, even those in a relationship, masturbate at least twice a week.

That’s one of the surprising results of a survey conducted by statistic students last week. The survey dealt with the masturbation habits of Langara students in a relationship compared to those who are single.

“I was most surprised that so many women responded,” said Tanille Geib, one of four students in the 1123 beginners statistics course who conducted the survey.

Nothing like candy for truth serum

Geib distributed candy in order to convince students answer the questionnaire. At total of 80 people, 44 female and 36 male, filled in the anonymous survey.

One in six in a relationship still self pleasure two or more times a week, and other stats

Shila Faqirzada, one of the other students on Geib’s team, was surprised to see that 15.25 per cent of students in a relationship masturbate at least twice a week.

However, it was less surprising that singles have a higher frequency of masturbation. “It was actually interesting that students were willing to participate and answer,“ said Faqirzada.

The survey contained 11 questions including “Do you masturbate“, “Do you use any sex toys“ and “Have you ever mutually masturbated with a partner?“

More than 70 per cent of surveyed people answered they masturbate, while 22.5 per cent declined and five per cent did not answer the question.

Less than one quarter of students in a relationship mutually masturbate, compared to 17.50 per cent of singles.

The stats also suggested that people who answered yes to mutual masturbation were more likely to own sex toys.

Geib’s racy questions could be more detailed, she says

If she were to do the project again, said Geib, she would have been more precise, offering more variables in gender, sexual orientation and relationship status. For example, when asked about gender, Langara students could only answer male or female, whereas transgendered, intersexual and two-spirit should have been offered, too, said Geib.

Geib, who admits she has a dominant personality, came up with the idea of masturbation. The upcoming creative writing grad will use some of the data in an article for the erotic online magazine Corset. Geib also has an erotic cook book coming up soon.

Statistics instructor Yu-Lin Tsai, who was reportedly curious about the survey, was unavailable for comment.

Reported by Katja De Bock

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