Langara students are feeling the pressure of exam time

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Tim Charters, interim chair of the counseling department says more students use the department’s services near exam time.

With final exams approaching many students are beginning to feel the pressure as their stress levels increase.

Many are feeling hopeless and depressed as they prepare for the workload ahead and some students go to extreme measures to cope with the stress.

“During exam time I’ve heard of people taking pills to concentrate and to stay up late studying,” said student Tim Morris.

“Thankfully it hasn’t come to that for me.”

“I might have an extra beer or two if I’m stressing about exams or final projects but some people take it way too far in my opinion.”

Substance abuse is only one way that students deal with the increased stress.

Others become completely obsessed with their schoolwork, to the point where it negatively affects their life.
“I totally shut myself out from the rest of the world when I’m preparing for finals,” said Langara student Amy Chung.

“My boyfriend and my parents actually get really worried about me. It’s like I’m obsessed. I don’t do anything else other than studying. I barely eat. I barely even talk to anyone. I don’t think it’s a healthy way to go about it, but that’s what I do and it has worked pretty well so far.”

The counseling department is here to help students with those problems.

Responses to stress depends on the individual 

“It’s a stressful time of the semester and that gets reflected on the amount of people coming in,” said Tim Charters, interim chair of the counseling department.

Charters has dealt with students’ stress problems in the past and knows that it’s not a black and white situation.
“It kind of depends on the individual and what is stressing them out in particular,” said Charters.

Importance of self-care

“One of the things that sort of goes by the way side when people are really stressed is general self-care. Getting rest, some kind of physical activity, healthy eating, those are often the things that, when people are stressed, they think that’s the last thing I have time for… it’s unfortunate.”

Jesse Adamson interviews Tim Charters

Reported by Jesse Adamson

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