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Langara student publishes his first novel


Reported by Lauren Boothby

Author and Langara student Zain Al Rahmani shows off his sketchbook.
Author and Langara student Zain Al Rahmani shows off his sketchbook. Photo by Lauren Boothby

Eighteen-year-old Langara business student Zain Al Rahmani hopes his first novel inspires other young authors to publish.

Zain Al Rahmani chose to self-publish his book, The Green Door. Writers who wish to self-publish can choose to distribute books themselves, or they can pay companies such as CreateSpace or FriesenPress for editing, design and promotion.

“Not a lot of young authors are actually published,” Al Rahmani said. “They’re really nervous, they’re really self-conscious about their writing, and they don’t put anything out.

Exposure not the main priority

“I don’t care if my book gets any publicity at all, it’s just that actually I went through with it and I did it and I was done with it.”

Al Rahmani’s novel is part-memoir and part-fantasy. He started writing the novel when he was just 15-years-old.  The book covers daily experiences, relationships and dreams.

He chose to work with FriesenPress, which offers self-publishing packages ranging from $1,500 to $15,000. Christian Fink-Jensen, marketing manager for FriesenPress, said the process could be educational.

“I think our model makes a lot of sense for people who want to become writers as a career,” Fink-Jensen said. “They can find out what publishing is all about, go through the process, work with an editor, designer and a promoter, and have an actual book at the end with their name on it.”

Young writers can benefit from self-publishing

Josué Menjivar, publishing instructor at Langara, has self-published several books during his 20-year career. He said the process is full of highs and lows, but it is a good option for young writers.

“That’s the essence of self publishing, that we have something so valuable inside us that we need to share it at all costs, which is generally our financial and emotions costs,” he said.

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