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Langara student and photographer wins international extreme sports award

Jeff Lucas’s Female Speed won best extreme sport photo at the International Photography Awards.

By Caitlin O’Flanagan

A Langara Continuing Studies photography student is being rewarded for his photography skills on the international stage.

Extreme sports are fast paced, which makes capturing the moment challenging 

Jeff Lucas won first place in the extreme sport category at the International Photography Awards in October. His winning photo, Female Speed, was taken with a Nikon D800 at the 2016 Britannia Classic Longboard Race Event that took place near Squamish in May 2016.

“It’s always gratifying to get recognized within the awards community,” Lucas said.

Lucas’ main photography subjects are longboarders, but he also shoots fencing, polo and other extreme sports like surfing.

Lucas’ interest in longboarding started because his sons compete and are passionate about the sport. After attending numerous events, he became interested in the extreme sport community and the people who participate in them.

“On the extreme side you get more interesting individuals,” Lucas said. “The rationale as to why they got into those sports usually is some type of anti-establishment, so there’s more of an eclectic group that participates.”

Lucas’ day job in advertising but for many years photography has been his creative outlet. He started digital photography in the early 2000s after his film camera was stolen. His first digital camera, a Nikon D90, was a big step up from film, so he decided to take some courses at Langara.

Having the right tools and skills makes for better photography

Sharon Tenenbaum, a photography instructor at Langara, has taught Lucas twice over his five years at Langara.

“He has an eye for what’s clean and what’s aesthetically nice…He just needed some tools to help him,” Tenenbaum said.

Lucas has been taking mostly night photography courses at Langara, and has one course left to complete his certificate.

After he’s done school, Lucas plans to continue pursuing his passion for photography.

“There’s a sense of excitement that comes from planning and capturing and being able to see that image—it’s a sense of accomplishment,” Lucas said.

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