Langara set to increase tuition fees for international students

A six per cent hike will start on September 1, 2020


By Safoura Rigi-Ladiz

The tuition increases for international and domestic students alike are inevitable, but they should only come under certain, reasonable circumstances. 

 Starting in September, the price per credit for international students will increase six per cent from $590 to $625 per credit. One course at Langara typically has three credits, totalling each course at a large sum of $1,875.

 Compared to other post-secondary institutions like UBC or SFU, Langara is a good alternative when it comes to cost, but similarly to other post-secondary schools the increase takes advantage of international students in an unreasonable way. 

 Third-year business management student Henrik Braga from Brazil said one way he is coping with the price increase is by trying to finish his degree faster. 

 “The only thing you can do is try to be done as quick as you can,” Braga said.

 Braga isn’t the only one looking at taking these measures to save a few dollars on tuition. It is not fair to throw these additional costs at international students when they have already invested money to come to Langara. 

The least Langara could do is relieve continuing international students of price increases, or at least provide a reasonable transparent instance that they cannot pardon existing international students

 Jatinder Singh is in his third year of computer studies at Langara. He said the tuition increase along with high rent costs in Vancouver is affecting him.

 “I have to plan everything according to the new expenses and fees,” Singh said.

 This can be additional stress on international students that will ultimately take away from their learning experience at Langara. 

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