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Langara security cameras are working, but no one is watching


Reported by Sean Hitrec

Vancouver, B,C.; Oct. 13: Security office at front of school at night. Taken Oct. 5.
Langara security said that the footage can be viewed when necessary. Photo by Sean Hitrec.

Campus security cameras are now up and running, and some students are concerned because no one is monitoring them.

Last spring, The Voice reported that Langara campus security cameras were actually not working. On Oct. 4, David Aucoin, the manager of safety, security and emergency management at Langara, confirmed via email that the cameras are now operating and recording. 

Although the cameras are working, they are not monitored and can be only accessed by authorized personnel.

“The cameras are operational 24/7,” said Aucoin. “They offer a layer of protection in the sense that a potential suspect realizes they could be recorded committing an offence. Camera and footage can be reviewed to determine potential suspects after an incident.”

Students are concerned that cameras are not always being monitored 

Vancouver, B,C.; Oct. 13: Security camera at front of school at night. Taken Oct. 5.
Security camera at the front of the school is now operating. Photo by Sean Hitrec.

While some students are relieved that the cameras are working, others are still wary because no one is monitoring them.

“I think it provides better security for students,” said Langara student Virginia Frazer. “Especially as a woman, for my safety, I feel more comfortable that they are working.”

Jacob Lamour, a psychology student at Langara, was happy that the cameras are working, but concerned about the lack of real-time monitoring.

“I think that the fact that no one is watching that footage is really concerning, cause what if there was a crime that was happening? Or someone was being assaulted? There would be no instantaneous help.”

The footage is not saved forever. Aucoin cautioned that a request to review the footage should be made as close to the incident as possible because space on the recorder’s hard drive is limited. 

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