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Langara photography student hits big leagues


Reported by Lena Alsayegh

Langara student Devin Manky is establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the photography industry.

Manky is the first recipient of the Langara photography certificate’s Steve Jackson Scholarship, which launched in 2013 in honour of the instructor.

Manky recently became the Vancouver Canucks’ photography intern, in addition to taking photos of Jennifer Lopez and Orlando Bloom at Vancouver’s We Day.

Originally he intended to become a classics professor, but he wanted to ditch the desk for the great outdoors. Manky took a post at Grouse Mountain as their live-in wildlife manager.

Devin Manky on the job as Canucks photo intern at Rogers Arena.  KEVIN LIGHT photo
Devin Manky on the job as Canucks photo intern at Rogers Arena. Photo: Kevin Light

He took photos of life on the mountain, and his images were picked up by Vancity Buzz and featured on National Geographic’s website, which raised his profile.

His passion for photography then developed and he began to focus on photojournalism.

“You want to get some emotion, have a feeling associated with the picture,” Manky said, “chitter chatter, little things going on behind the scenes you may not notice.”

Manky met former Vancouver Canuck David Booth while working at Grouse, who gave him a few ins with the team. He photographed Booth’s wedding to Miss Tennessee, Ashley Durham, which was published in beauty magazines.

Manky was then picked up by the Canadian Fencing Federation and sent to Bulgaria and Russia to take fencing photos and will be going to Uzbekistan next April.

“I think photography as a business is so much about your personality and working with people,” Manky said. “There’ll be some photographers who are absolutely brilliant, but they have no people skills.”

His ultimate goal is to photograph the Olympics, like his mentor, Langara instructor Christopher Morris, who photographed the Vancouver, London, and Sochi Olympics.

“As a student I wish we could clone him because he’s the perfect student. He’s like a sponge, when he walks into the room, you hear this huge sucking sound, and that’s just Devin absorbing information,” said Morris. “He’s doing all the right things. I don’t doubt that he’ll be successful.”

Photos by Devin Manky.

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