Langara nurses can do the Harlem Shake

In an ironic twist, Langara nursing students go viral. Photo: Youtube.
In an ironic twist, Langara nursing students go viral. Photo: YouTube.

Langara nursing students are among the latest to join the YouTube Internet dance phenomenon known as the Harlem Shake.

The Harlem Shake is a comedic web video trend that went viral last month. Originally created by a group of teenagers from Queensland, Australia, it has since expanded globally and been recreated by the masses.

Each video follows the same routine. A person dances amidst a crowd of people going about their day-to-day activites to the beat of the Harlem Shake, a song created by electronic artist Baauer. After several seconds, the bass drops and everyone starts dancing while clad in costumes.

Brothers Mitchell and Cody Vong, who are both in the nursing program at Langara, created their own version in the nursing simulator room. Mitchell Vong said the video was made to help break the ice in his department.

“It was more a social event created for fun so that the nursing students from different terms could get together and meet one another,” he said.

The video consists of approximately 15 nursing students dancing in an array of Halloween costumes.

Langara business instructor and marketing expert Stephanie Koonar explained the Harlem Shake is a trend that caught on because of its humour and spontaneity.

“It’s easy to produce and post. Research suggests videos that go viral are ones that cause an emotional response,” she said.

Koonar believes the trend will eventually die down and something else will soon replace it.

The nursing department’s video was filmed in a mere half hour and completed in six takes. Cody Vong completed editing the video the same day.

Film arts production instructor Jonas Quastel thinks creating such a phenomenon is healthy and brings people together. However, he also says the trend is “uber silly.”

The majority of the nursing faculty seemed to be unaware of the video.

Since Thursday of last week, the video has been unlisted on YouTube and is only available to those with the direct link.

Reported by Jacqueline Langen

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