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Langara men’s basketball team jump into new season

Preseason game against the NED Nighthawks at Langara October
Preseason game against the NED Nighthawks at Langara on October 18th. Photo by Lena Alsayegh

Reported by Lena Alsayegh

The Langara Falcons men’s basketball team is heading into a new season as reigning PacWest champions and expectations are high.

They are currently undefeated with a record of 5-0 in the preseason, but the real test will come Oct. 31, when they host their season home opener against Douglas College.

“We lost a few key guys, but I think we’ll have a chance to repeat as champions,” said head coach Paul Eberhardt.

“I’ve been doing this way too long, and looking at the talent we have, I think it’s realistic to say that we would have a chance to win it all again.”

New players heat up the game

#11 Jitinder Lohcham goes for the dunk with a NEC Nighthawk on his tail
#11 Jitinder Lohcham goes for the dunk with a NEC Nighthawk on his tail. Photo by  Lena Alsayegh

Nine players are returning along with four new additions.

Rookie Montell Lindgren, who Eberhardt feels is a good fit for the team, was recruited from Prince George and was a former provincial team point guard.

Lindgren said that the team is already well-built, and he is just trying to find his place.

“I’m trying to get the ball to the vets,” he said, “I get to play with guys that know what they’re doing, that’s a big, big help.”

Injuries won’t hold the team back

Veteran player Jitinder Lohcham is entering his fourth year on the team and feels confident despite being one of several team members dealing with preseason injuries.

He says his goal is to take on a leadership role with the new recruits.

“We run a system and it has taken a little bit of time this year to get it down because we have a lot of young guys, but I think once it comes around and everybody is used to it and running it every day in practice, it’ll be good. We’ll be back to where we were last year,” Lohcham said.

Amount of players on team higher than ever

Eberhardt said their game strategy hasn’t changed, even though this is one of the biggest teams he has ever coached in terms of player size.

Chemistry, experience, and a willingness to sacrifice for the team will be the key to winning another championship.

“Our goal is always to win a national championship, we also want to be the highest scoring team in the country,” he said.

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