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Langara instructor braves into the Dragons’ Den

Langara instructor Deland Jessop with a bag of his sleepy-time coffee.
Langara instructor Deland Jessop with a bag of his sleepy-time coffee.

Langara instructor Deland Jessop appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den to pitch his invention: coffee that helps you fall asleep.

Jessop, an instructor at Langara’s school of management, recently had a chance to prove his entrepreneurial chops outside the classroom. He appeared on Dragons’ Den, a television show where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of business tycoons in the hopes of securing financing. Jessop presented the panel with Counting Sheep Coffee.

Bedtime Coffee

Counting Sheep Coffee, a coffee that helps you sleep, was launched in 2013. Jessop said his wife’s caffeine sensitivity was part of the inspiration to turn his house into a lab for a year.

“I was mixing with chamomile, with lavender. My wife was the guinea pig,” Jessop said. “I was kind of like the mad scientist.”

Valerian root, a natural sedative, is blended with Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee to create a coffee that helps you wind down. Jessop said people like the taste.

“We’ve been doing demos all over the country and people love it,” Jessop said.

An entrepreneur in the classroom

Stephanie Koonar, assistant chairwoman to the school of management, said Jessop’s students benefit by learning from an expert in the field of entrepreneurism.

“Deland has really been able to use his expertise and his product to enhance the curriculum,” she said.

An advertising class was even able to develop an ad campaign for Counting Sheep Coffee.

Andrew Kocicka, a student in Jessop’s business presentation course said  there are things that a student just can’t learn from a textbook when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

“It’s inspiring and beneficial because he’s been there, done that,” Kocicka said about Jessop.

Counting Sheep Coffee can be seen under the scrutiny of the dragons by logging onto the CBC’s website to watch the March 19 episode of the Dragons’ Den.

Reported by Renee Sutton

Jessop's product appearing on CBC's Dragons' Den.
Jessop’s product appearing on CBC’s Dragons’ Den.


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