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Langara Falcons golfer swings his way to CCAA national championship


Reported by Lauren Boothby

A Falcons golfer has won Langara’s first gold medal at a PacWest provincial golf championship – in only the second year the program has existed.

First-year player Jacob Vanderpas took the individual gold at the PacWest competition, while the team finished fourth overall.

Taylor Seidel, Langara Falcons golfer, practicing his swing.

Golf has only been part of the Langara athletics department for two years. The Falcons’ collegiate team began competing in the 2015-2016 season.

“It’s outstanding,” said Vanderpas. “Just playing your best is the important thing, but to come out five shots ahead, I thought it would come down to a shot or two, but not five shots, so that was pretty cool.”

Vanderpas makes a positive impact on the golf team

Taylor Seidel, one of Langara’s golfers, said having a strong player like Vanderpas on the team pushes him to do better.

“It definitely makes a difference. You know the number-one guy is always going to have a good round, so it gives the rest of the team more confidence to make a missed shot here or there,” said Seidel.

Vanderpas said the team overall could have done better – they were only one spot shy of the third-place finish required to make the national competition – but he has big goals for the future.

“It’s promising next year. I think if we have the same group of guys and get better over the summer and maybe get a couple of better players from outside then who knows, right?” he said.

Jacob Vanderpas, a Langara Falcons golf player, swings his way to the top at a tournament at Westwood Plateau golf course.

Making a difference at CCAA national championship’s is the ultimate goal

Vanderpas is going to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association national championship from Oct. 17 to 21, where he hopes to inspire other golfers.

“I hope it motivates players to see what people are capable of,” said Vanderpas, who began the sport at the age of eight and started competing at 15. “That if they have specific goals, that they can reach them.”

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