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Langara confessions moderator is anonymous

The Langara Confessions page has over 1,900 Likes.  Photo by: Mel Edgar
A student looks at the Langara confessions Facebook page. Photo by: Mel Edgar

Reported by Mel Edgar

“Inbox us your most heart felt, hilarious, and embarrassing confessions from Langara! They will be posted ANONYMOUSLY on our page.”

This is the siren call of Langara confessions, a Facebook community launched in 2013, imitating similar sites at UBC and SFU.

An unknown person moderates what is posted on Langara confession’s site. The Voice has agreed to maintain the moderator’s unknown identity, but this person, or persons, knows exactly who is behind the confessions.

“I see my role at Langara as an entertainer and kind of like a gossip girl,” said the moderator in an interview conducted with Facebook messenger.

“It’s anonymous, so I don’t think it’s that much of a concern,” said the moderator.

What students think

First year nursing student Kathleen Jocson said she would never post on the site herself, but trusts the moderator because he or she promises confidentiality on the site.

Although the site is mostly for entertainment, the moderator said some posts might have had real world repercussions.

The moderator said he or she has concerns that a security guard featured in several love or crush confessions might have left Langara as a result of the attention from the site.

Not so anonymous

Kabir Madan, a second year nursing student, learned the hard way that not all posts are anonymous.”I thought if you posted on the wall it would just mask my identity, I didn’t know I had to send in a message to the page,” he said.

Instead, Madan posted a confession directly on the page sharing both his and his crush’s identity with the many people who frequent the page.

Madan has since deleted the post, but said he wants students to be aware.

“My advice is just be careful at what you post out there because things like this can happen,” said Madan

Langara confessions has over 1,900 likes and continues to post confessions three nights weekly, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Speaking with students and a psychology expert on why students post things to sites like Langara confessions.

Video by: Lauren Collins/Chris Slater

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