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Langara College celebrates Diwali to make international students feel closer to home


Reported by Bala Yogesh

Students celebrated Diwali by dancing to Indian music on campus. Photo by Bala Yogesh.

Langara College’s international education department held an event to celebrate Diwali last Friday — and to many students, it felt just like home.

Diwali has been a recurring event at Langara College because of popularity with students 

This is the third year Langara has held a celebration for Diwali. Two international student volunteers started the initiative in 2014, as they wanted to showcase the festival of lights on campus.

“It is too good. We can feel like we’re in India,” said Langara student Harleen Sandhu, while dancing to the music filling the cafeteria.

Diwali is one of the major festivals in India and many other countries. The festival signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and hope over despair.

Diwali diyas ready to be lit by students. Photo by Bala Yogesh.

“It’s very important because since we really miss our home so much, it’s good,” said Sukriti Karla, another Langara student. “I don’t think it’s only Langara but every college in Canada provides this opportunity that they have for school, and they have an Indian association and after that they create events like these. That’s really important for us.”

Students celebrated Diwali in the same traditional way they do in India 

The event at Langara consisted of dance performances by students, an array of Indian food and an open dance floor where students enjoyed a variety of Indian songs.

The international education department held the event during the school day, a change from last year. This resulted in more accessibility for students.

“Really excited about this celebration because last time it was at night, and many of the students missed it and regretted that they couldn’t attend it,” said Attinderjit Kaur Sidhu, a Langara student, adding that they were happy the school listened to feedback.

The international students who are away from home feel that the event is very important to them.

Neha Sharma, showing off her Henna at the Diwali Event held at Langara College. Photo by Bala Yogesh.

“This event is truly a collaborative effort among the international education team and students.  This event is a great opportunity to celebrate this special event with the Langara community,” said Lynette Hawksley, communications officer for the international education department.

“It showcases the wonderful cultures that observe this festival and helps to raise intercultural awareness and understanding.”







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