Langara College artwork now displayed at Canada Line station

Tread Lightly in its presentation space on the side of the Canada Line station at 49th Avenue and Cambie Street. Photo: Jacquie Richardson

A group of Langara students and their instructor have been handed a unique venue to display their work in front of their colleagues and neighbours.

Tread Lightly, a Plexiglas and steel rod 3-D piece created at Langara College, can now be found mounted on the outside of the Langara-49th Avenue Canada Line station.

Under the guidance of instructor Luke Blackstone, 11 arts and sculpture students created the piece, which features footprints made of reflective vinyl. The footprints, formed from the artists’ feet, represent the reduced carbon-footprint of transit users.

“It also reflects the idea of nodes and connections, like a transit route,” said Blackstone.

The angled design of Tread Lightly is inspired by diamond-shaped carbon molecules and reflects the sun as it moves across the sky. The sculpture’s prominent reflections will change over the day, depending on the angle of the sun, Blackstone said.

InTransit BC, which operates the Canada Line, asked for student artwork last year that could be featured in Canada Line stations. The Langara group is the first to have come forward, said Julie Longo, dean of arts.

The piece, which might remind some of I.M. Pei’s pyramid outside the Louvre in Paris, was under construction for much of the fall semester before being submitted in December.

Tread Lightly was reviewed by a panel that included InTransit representatives, members of the local arts community and Tomo Tanaka, Langara’s creative arts chair.

According to Longo, the panel assessed the piece for aesthetic appeal, message, innovation and overall effectiveness.

The piece was mounted on the Cambie Street side of the station on Thursday afternoon and will remain in place for at least the next six months.

Reported by Jacquie Richardson

A new piece of public art created by Langara students goes on display at the Langara-49th Canada Line station. Video by Jen St. Denis.

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