Langara business student’s YouTube show grabs nomination in 2013 Vancouver Social Media Awards for best student video channel

Chris Formosa has channeled his passion for scents into a successful YouTube channel. Photo: Angie Holubowich
Chris Formosa has channeled his passion for scents into a successful YouTube channel. Photo: Angie Holubowich

Fourth year Langara business administration student Chris Formosa has snagged a nomination for best student video channel at this year’s Vancouver Social Media Awards for his YouTube show Fragrance Talk.

The ceremony highlights local students and professionals who’ve made waves with online video channels, blogs or Twitter among others.

Formosa is one of seven nominees under the best student video category, and is competing with the likes of YouTube sensation Chengman and student newspaper The Ubyssey for online votes to determine the top three candidates in the division.

Voting will end a week from now.

From those finalists, judges from the media and communications industry will select a winner, who will be revealed during the award ceremony on March 28.

Smelling like success

Despite whether he wins or loses at the awards, however, Formosa can claim one title without question — best smelling.

For the last five years, Formosa has been reviewing fragrances for over 7,200 followers.

His video reviews have educated his audiences on his collection of over 800 aromas while garnering over 1.5 million views in the process.

Formosa’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by those in the fragrance business.

Companies hoping to use his influence to attract customers regularly give him bottles of cologne valued up to $400.

Despite the attention, Formosa says he insists on maintaining fair reviews — not every assessment is glowing.

On pursuing happiness

From the first impression of a top note to the main body of the scent provided by the middle note, Formosa began his fragrant self-education after responding to a video posted by YouTube vlogger Christine Gambito — known online as HappySlip — where she asked the question “what makes you happy?”

Formosa made a short YouTube clip as a response showcasing his personal collection of about 25 fragrances and their co-ordinating body products while explaining the joy scents brought him.

“I just talked about each fragrance and surprisingly I got a ton of comments from HappySlip’s viewers asking me more about my colognes and what I think is the best. So it kind of turned itself into a video blog on it’s own.”

The rest was history.

Love at first smell

So which fragrance was Formosa’s first love?

Formosa said he found himself first intrigued by Lacoste Essential. The simple fragrance reminded him of his childhood, with elements of tomato that immediately took him back to his father’s vegetable garden.

Where most consumers might not see the layers of creativity and the thought that goes into their favorite bouquet, Formosa said he views perfume as art. He sees the combination of various elements and the final product created as an intricate recipe that results in an entirely new and amazing thing.

He said: “I feel like it is art so I got really into how it is made. If you were to use two drops of rose with lemon it might completely change the smell of lemon, [but] if you were to use two drops of lemon and one drop of rose it creates a totally different smell and that is just amazing to me.”

His recent nomination for the Vancouver Social Media Awards came as a complete surprise for  the busy student. Although he doesn’t feel very big on the vlogging scene, opportunities, offers, and feedback make regular appearances in his inbox. They continue to inspire the young business student towards his goals of one day starting his own business and potentially his own fragrance line.

 -Reported by Angie Holubowich

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