Langara amateur boxer loses City Boxing Championship

Jerik Brown (Right) in an earlier match.

For Jerik Brown, a Langara economics student and semi-pro boxer, the title match of last Friday’s Clash at the Cascades at the Langley Cascades Casino was his Fat City moment.

Brown, at 25 years old, describes the 1972 boxing drama as his favourite boxing movie “because it isn’t a ‘Cinderella’ story.”

Plan of attack

For the evening’s main event, Brown was paired against George Vourtsis of the Sunshine Coast Boxing Club for the City Boxing Welterweight championship — a fight that Brown, who was on a three-bout winning streak, was expected to win.

Before the fight, Brown mentioned that Vourtis, while shorter, had a similar fighting style to himself relying on a combination of jabs and uppercuts.

“I’ll be working the jab and trying to get him to bring his head down,” said Brown. “When he does that I’ll be waiting with the uppercut.”

In the dressing room before the fight Brown’s trainer seemed confident he would be able to beat Vourtsis.

Fight ends in heartbreak for Brown

It ended in a victory for Vourtsis in under two minutes after he delivered a feverish and punishing series of unblockable blows to the chest and head.

Vourtsis was awarded a technical knockout as the referee stopped the fight because of swelling on Brown’s forehead.

Dave Allison, a promoter for the event called, the match-up between Brown and Vourtsis “a highlight fight of the year” because of how intensely both fighters competed to earn the position. Vourtsis reportedly broke his hand in the qualifying fight for this match.

Though Vourtsis took the title in the end, Brown still showed off his sportsmanship.

“He looks like a nice guy,’ Brown said before the match. “I’ve never fought someone who wasn’t a nice guy.”

Reported by Sam Reynolds

Watch the fight in its entirety below with commentary courtesy of the Voice’s own Lev Jackson and Jake Hewer.

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