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Lack of fan support for Langara Falcons teams


Reported by Melanie Green

 The Falcons men’s soccer team could have used support from its fans Saturday when it lost 5-1 to the Quest Kermodes while attempting to secure an unlikely playoff berth.

 The soccer team isn’t the only Langara sports team that doesn’t have many fans at its games. In fact, all of the teams listed under the Falcon’s umbrella report low fan turnout, with just family members or friends in the stands.

 “To be honest, I don’t even know who the Falcons are,” said Robert Binning, a Langara student and a sports fan.

  The Langara Falcons include golf, basketball and soccer teams.

People are not aware of Falcons schedule

Men and women's 2016-2017 basketball schedule. Photo by Melanie Green
Men and women’s 2016-2017 basketball schedule. Photo by Melanie Green

Denise Busayong, facilities assistant for athletics and intramurals at Langara, said in an email “I believe we don’t get more supporters at the games simply because they are not aware that we do have varsity sports.”

She said there were large posters in Building A with full schedules, but people rarely read them.

Marc Rizzardo, men’s soccer coach, said his team was “Out of sight, out of mind,” because they don’t train or play on campus. They play at Musqueam Park, which is approximately 15 minutes away from campus by car and approximately 25 minutes by bus.

Falcon's merchandise from the Langara bookstore
Falcons merchandise from the Langara bookstore. Photo by Melanie Green

 Langara student Alex Reaper said “There’s not really much advertisement, and unless they’re super interested, who’s going to watch the game? If you’re not involved nobody is going to really go, which sucks.”

Reaper said he recalled seeing a soccer schedule in front of the cafeteria that had a game scheduled in Squamish, which was too far for him.

 Syd Goyal is a Langara student who plays weekly for intramural games. “Not [many] people show up because they’re busy with coursework and they also work. There’s not any advertisements,” he said.

Langara isn’t the only school with low fan turnouts

Goyal took a photo of the intramural calendar when it was posted the first week of the semester, but he said it was quickly taken down.

According to Rizzardo, other schools also see low turnout.

“It’s not like the States, the culture is different,” he said.

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