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Karaoke bar to open in South Vancouver

Located on Fraser Street, the new karaoke bar will be opening at this location. Photo by Alyse Koytk.

Reported by Alyse Kotyk

South Vancouver’s karaoke enthusiasts will have a new venue to sing their favourite tunes sometime in the future.

Asian fusion restaurant, Indochine Kitchen + Bar, has received a permit to open a location at 6231 Fraser St. While some pubs have karaoke in South Vancouver on the weekends, Indochine will offer it much more frequently.

“I think we’ll have karaoke every night,” said Ray Huynh, the restaurant’s contact for the development project.

New bar will engage customers through karaoke

According to their permit application, Indochine Kitchen + Bar believes the Fraser’s vibrant ethnic community makes it an up and coming neighbourhood that they would like to be a part of. The restaurant will offer a daily happy hour and private social rooms in addition to nightly karaoke.

As part of their permit and neighbourhood bylaws, the restaurant must ensure that noise from the establishment can’t be heard outdoors and that karaoke and live music are wrapped up by midnight. Construction on the new location is not yet underway.

Students have mixed feelings about performing in public

Langara student interest in a neighbourhood karaoke bar was mixed.

Miguel Moya said he would be interested in going to a karaoke bar. Photo by Alyse Kotyk.

Miguel Moya, an applied sciences student at Langara, showed a lot of interest.

“Yeah, I’d go to a karaoke bar,” he said. “I’d sing a Sam Smith song, any Sam Smith song, because I know that would get everyone in the mood.”

Linden Kyaw, a Langara computer sciences student, said he wouldn’t typically go to a karaoke bar but might give this one a chance.

“I know for a fact that I’m not a great singer,” Kyaw said. “But if I were to go I’d sing along the lines of hip-hop or R&B or even pop, something that a lot of us can sing along to.”

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