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Jobs and money on the minds of Langara students as summer approaches

Langara students are hoping to fill their pockets this summer. Photo by Gavin Fisher.
Langara students are hoping to fill their pockets this summer. Photo by Gavin Fisher.

As summertime approaches, some students are trying to make money for next year’s tuition while others are just trying to get back above the debt line.

Whatever the reasons might be, many students are updating their resumes and preparing for interviews with possible employers.

Scott Peters, a geography student at Langara is hoping to transfer over to SFU next January. He is planning on attending three courses at Langara during the summer semester. During his time off he wants to find a part-time job to help pay the bills and keep everything in check.

“I’m going to try and get something… in the tourist industry,” Peters said. “This is my second education so I’ve had some money saved aside from my last job, but it’s never nice to go close to zero in the bank account.”

Aidan Royea recently returned to school at Langara. He is planning on spending his summer taking a few courses to have a head start for the fall semester. His advice to other students is to consider tree planting as a summer job.

“Tree planting is a really good summer job for students because there’s a few websites that are really open to hiring new employees and you can make about 10 grand in the summer, which is really stellar for people that are struggling with money,” Royea said.

One of the companies he was really impressed with was Heritage Reforestation Inc. According to Royea, they give great feedback on resumes and tips about getting hired. He also received a list of websites that review resumes and send them to different tree-planting companies looking for seasonal workers.

Jamie Noakes, instructor at Langara in the department of co-operative education said getting a summer job gives students several benefits.

“Work experience is a great opportunity to connect with employers in the community during the summer time, have some fun because there’s a lot of fun summer jobs that are out there.”

 Reported by Lukasz Jonca

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