NHL hockey is back, but do we care?

Photo courtesy: Rob Masefield

The puck has dropped.

The NHL returned Jan. 19 and will run until Apr. 27 in what will be a shortened, 48-game season, and while some fans are still upset, most are glad the game is back.

“I know some people are bitter about them coming back, but honestly, just watching them play again it’s like who cares about the strike or whatever, just game on,“ said Langara kinesiology student Jennifer Dinh.

Dinh added she enjoys the end-to-end action that is unique to hockey.

“It’s really fast and it’s really active and I like that,” said Dinh. “And the fighting.”

Engineering student Cameron Jinks said he’s only a casual fan, but loves the communal quality.

“I enjoy the social aspects that hockey brings. I’m able to have an excuse to go hang out at the bar and drink with my buddies and you know socialize, which is a nice break from school.”

While NHL apparel is usually a big seller for retailers, the lockout saw sales drastically drop, and Sport Chek store manager, Ray Shinada, said that sales still haven’t recovered.

“It was not moving during the lockout. A lot of the sales revolve around the hype,” said Shinada.

“Playoffs were huge for us. So we went from record breaking sales to practically nothing.”

So Shinada said he hopes the home team does well this season.

“When they’re doing well, the sales are crazy.”

Reported by Michael Letendre

Podcast – Return of the NHL.

In this podcast, Langara web reporter Michael Letendre and editor, Brandon Kostinuk, speak with Langara students Jennifer Dinh and Cameron Jinks, as well as Sport Chek manager, Ray Shinada.

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