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H&M’s $129 wedding dress has hit Vancouver


enhanced-buzz-12308-1394463092-40Sweden-based clothing retailer H&M released a $129 wedding gown to little fanfare at their Pacific Centre location on March 17. Vancouver is one of three Canadian cities to carry the dress.

There was little signage at the store indicating the dress was available for sale. It was displayed on a rack along with other dresses of a similar style, and nothing indicated that the dress was a wedding gown rather than just another white dress.

“Their dress is just a simple cotton dress that they wanted to make a marketing splash about,” said Patty Nayel, a wedding dress designer from North Vancouver. “It is not something that will be bought to be worn as a wedding dress any more than the other white dresses that they sell.”

This is not the first time H&M has participated in the bridal market, having released a US$349 gown back in 2006 with fashion design firm Viktor & Rolf.

Price far below average amount brides spend

Online wedding magazine conducted a survey in 2012 of 18,000 brides and found the average cost of a dress in the United States was US$1,211.

Price, however, may not be the most important factor when brides-to-be are picking the wardrobe to say “I do” in.

“Another thing that came up, surprisingly, was if it was wedding-y enough” said Tammy Tsang, who is currently planning for her wedding in August. “My mom was very concerned about the fact that it looked just like a regular dress and not enough like a wedding dress.”

According to Tsang, other factors that were important when choosing her wedding dress were the fit, whether the dress suited her wedding venue, how representative it was of her personality, and the price.

Reported by Edmond Lu

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