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H&M: High fashion, poor quality

Column by Lauren Collins.

H&M, the affordable high-fashion retailer, is known for its designer collaborations, but don’t expect great quality because you get what you pay for.

Not everything in the store is horrible, though. Last fall, H&M and French designer Isabel Marant released an affordable clothing line, but H&M’s website shut down before the release because of shoppers’ excitement.

Recently, H&M released an inexpensive wedding dress. It’s called the ‘$99 wedding dress,’ but in Canada, it’s actually the ‘$129 wedding dress.’

Although the gowns on ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ are enviable, a dress from a high-end brand such as Kleinfeld is unnecessary. So, if you’re on a budget or you’d rather put the money toward a down payment on a home, then this could be the dress for you; but there are better options.

$99 dress looks like it costs $99

In pictures, H&M’s dress looks like a delicate and flowy Grecian-style dress, but up close the detailing is poorly done and the material is cheap. It’s too busy, with the beading along the neckline, the sheer top and the gathering of fabric on the upper half of the dress.

H&M managed to get the media’s attention, despite the dress not being on their website. In the Pacific Centre store, the dress is hidden from view and covered in wrinkles.

It’s hard to say if people will go out of their way to look for the dress, and it’s even harder to tell if they will buy the dress if it’s badly presented.

The store’s first attempt with wedding dresses was back in 2006 when Viktor & Rolf designed a US$349 gown for H&M. Not quite as cheap as H&M’s newest venture, but it’s still significantly cheaper than most wedding gowns out there.

Many other ways to save money on weddings 

It’s no secret wedding costs are rising. Last year, Weddingbells Magazine said the average wedding cost about $30,000.

If you want to save money, there are plenty of other places to look, such as BCBG or The Bay. They may not be as affordable, but they do sell better-quality dresses for under $500.

And one day if you do end up spending more than you bargained for, you can always just shorten it and wear it again.

Reported by Lauren Collins

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