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Health and LGBTQ rights focus of Langara’s first pride fair

Langara community health nurse Susan Kensett shows her pride at the first Langara Pride Fair.
Langara community health nurse Susan Kensett shows her pride at the first Langara Pride Fair.

Pride flags adorned the halls for the first Langara Pride Fair on March 20.

The fair was organized by Langara Health Services and nursing students as a way to raise LGBTQ awareness on campus.

Twelve different organizations from around Vancouver, such as Qmunity, Vancouver Pride Society, as well as some Langara departments set up booths to provide students with information on subjects ranging from LGBTQ rights to safe sex practices.

Fair may become annual event

Eva Snyder, Langara’s sexual and gender diversity advisor, hopes that the momentum gained from the success of the fair will continue into the next school year.

The fair has already helped Langara’s queer community make themselves known to LGBTQ committees in other colleges. A future meeting between LGBTQ representatives from other college committees in the Lower Mainland is currently in the works.

Nurse developed fair as part of community health training

The idea for the fair came from Langara’s community health nurse, Susan Kensett. Kensett works with term seven nursing students that hold health-themed events as part of their community health practicum.

Kensett said she thought about ways to make Langara more LGBTQ-friendly for quite some time and since nursing students needed to organize a community health event this semester, she figured a pride fair would be a good way to accomplish both.

“My hope is to increase awareness among the general Langara populace,” Kensett said.

Langara student Tehseen Ahmed, who is a representative of the Rainbow Refugee Committee, said it was programs like Rainbow Refugee that helped him flee Pakistan where homosexuality is illegal.

Reported by David La Riviere

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