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Have a holly, trolley Christmas in Vancouver

Residents can enjoy riding the Vancouver trolley around the city with holiday karaoke this season. Submitted photo by Erich Saide.

Reported by Cheryl Whiting

Christmas karaoke while riding on a trolley is just one of many things that Vancouverites can do this season to get in the holiday spirit.

The attraction, in its eighth year, allows participants to sing group Christmas carols while enjoying a ride through numerous Christmas light displays around Vancouver, including Stanley Park and VanDusen Botanical Gardens Festival of Lights.

Caroling brings people together

Meghan Neale, the marketing director of the Vancouver Trolley Company, said most people really enjoy the Christmas carol singing.

“We don’t single out anybody to sing like a regular karaoke bar it’s the group singing together. Some of them have tambourines and noise makers and stuff they hand out as well,” Neale said.

She said that unlike the company’s other tours, it’s mostly locals that attend the Christmas karaoke event.

“It’s something to do when your families are in town. I think for the locals it’s just an easy way to be able to get to all these places without having to drive, or worry about parking.”

Pat Campbell has driven the trolley since 2010 and did the Christmas route last year.

“My favourite for the Christmas karaoke is all the enthusiasm of the people on the bus singing Christmas carols driving around the city,” he said.

Not everyone is in the Christmas spirit 

Phil Ness, from Washington State, holidays regularly in Vancouver. He said he has never taken the trolley and wouldn’t pay to go on the tour.

“I don’t mind light shows, karaoke doesn’t impress me at all. My deal is I wouldn’t spend the $40 to do something like that because we enjoy walking around the city,” he said. “It’s [Vancouver] a marvellous town to visit, but not for something like that.”

Sheila Brechin, a long-time Vancouver resident, said years ago she hired a limo with friends to go around to see the Christmas lights.

“It’s lots of fun to do things like that. And you don’t have to find parking,” she said. “Quite possibly [I will go], If I can get my husband to do it, that’s always the problem.”

Neale said in the future additional light shows might be added to the tour, including the new Enchant show near Olympic Village.

“If Enchant is here next year and the year after as well for sure,” she said. “We’ll see how they do.”

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