Give energy healing a chance

Column by Karly Blats.

When energy healing is brought up, skepticism and disbelief often arise. It’s not uncommon to see someone air quote around the words “energy,” as if it’s make-believe.

For some, energy healing can be an ambiguous concept to grasp. Something very serene and holistic may come to mind, which can bring questions of legitimacy, compared to more traditional means of medicine.

However, trying to find reasons why energy healing doesn’t work is a difficult thing to do. There’s a thriving community made up of patients, students and professionals who insists on the lasting effects integrated energy has on the body.

New movement hits Langara 

“This is a movement in our society right now,” said Langara’s Integrated Energy Healing program coordinator Dr. Ruth Lamb. “It’s very well received by the traditional conventional health care system.”

Although it seems questionable, energy healing is a remarkable alternative to conventional treatments, like prescription pills, which can be “expensive and toxic,” said William Lafferty, MD and author of the article Healing, Medical Care, and Health Service Organization.

The Integrative Energy Healing program at Langara was founded 15 years ago by a team of nurses with certificates and degrees in transformative healing.

The fact that a group of nurses collectively formed a program that teaches people how to heal holistically proves that there must be something legitimate about energy healing.

However, the debate continues about how legitimate energy healing is in the medical world. Whether it’s a placebo effect or not, the mind is an amazing instrument. With the right teachings anyone can learn to take control and manage their pain. I say don’t knock it till you try it and educate yourself. Who knows, you may be in for a spiritual awakening.

Reported by Karly Blats

Learn more about Langara’s energy healing program.

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