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Falcons men’s basketball team slides into second in PacWest league


By Violetta Kryak

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The Langara Falcons men’s basketball team earned an 82-63 victory in a home game with Camosun College. The game left them in second place tied with Capilano University.

Despite the “slow and sloppy” start of the game according to the shooting guard Gary Minhas, the Falcons were the first to score, one minute into the game.

The Falcons got into their usual pace at the end of the first period with Camosun players committing five fouls.

“We played together and stayed in the zone, even though the shots were not falling early, but they started falling midway through the first period,” said forward-centre Grant Galbraith.

By the end of the second period the Falcons were 10 points ahead and the difference only grew.

“The decisive moment in the game was the beginning of the third quarter because that’s when we really came out; we stepped up our defence, gained a 10-point lead and never looked back,” said Minhas.

This game solidified Langara at second place in the league after their loss to first-place Vancouver Island University on Friday.

Win some, lose some

Jon Acob, assistant coach of the Langara Falcons. Photo by Violetta Kryak

Assistant coach Jon Acob compared the results of the two back-to-back games and attributed the large gap in the score to the different styles of the teams.

“We are fast, so it is hard for Camosun to keep up with us, where VIU is much more the same style that we play,” said Acob.

The VIU game was a big one for Langara because it would decide the first-place team in the league.

Prior to the start of the two weekend games, Falcons head coach Paul Eberhardt described their preparations for the season ahead.

“It is our goal as a team to win the Pac West League title or at least come second, that’s what we expect to do,” said Eberhardt.

The Falcons were scheduled to play against Quest University on Thursday, Feb. 9.

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