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Facebook won’t help you get over your ex


Reported by Shannon Lynch

Does it drive you insane when your partner or ex “likes” a picture of someone else on Facebook? Do you lurk their page like a fiend?  Been there.

‘Ex addicts’ receive online help

To cope with “ex addiction”, some people seek help online. Welcome to, the site with a 12-step program designed to help people recover from a breakup. Modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, has a ‘counting days’ system where users declare the number of days they have last contacted their ex.

1,500 users appear to get help from this site. However, should you really go online to get over your ex?

Too much social media can ruin relationships and, consequently, makes it much too easy for exes to “e-stalk” each other and obsess in a creepy way.

With the relentless speed that social media infiltrates our daily lives, it’s no surprise that it affects relationships.

Facebook is the last thing you need

Higher levels of Facebook use leads to more jealousy due to the amount of excessive monitoring, according to a survey by University of Missouri doctoral candidate Russell Clayton that was summarized in a press release by the institution’s news bureau. The release also said more couples fought.

American psychotherapist Christina Steinorth told in June 2013 that social media has made it a lot easier for couples to cheat, because it’s “easy to get swept up into a fantasy life in social media.”

“People typically report very flattering things about themselves on social media . . . it can lead someone to think ‘hey, that person is better looking and more interesting than my partner’ and lead to a grass is greener mindset,” Steinorth said.

Facebook has made me jealous and even paranoid. It was ridiculous. I started to imagine worst-case scenarios because of “likes” and photo comments. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use social media at all, just don’t overdo it.

I was admittedly heartbroken after my relationship ended. I saw my friends, went out, and connected with the real world. I wouldn’t say I was an “exaholic” but it really helped. I encourage you to get off your computers, and communicate face-to-face. That’s what’ll save your relationship, and your sanity, after a breakup.

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