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English department fall film series continues tradition

Langara students from English 1130 attend a screening of Strictly Ballroom, the third instalment of the “Fall Film series” on Thursday, Oct. 27. Photo: Clare Hennig

Reported by Clare Hennig

Throughout October and November, the English Department at Langara screened films as part of a decade-long tradition.

The “Fall Film series” is part of Langara’s English 1130: modern novel, poetry and film class. Students are required to watch various films for the class and can choose to attend a screening of their choice, or watch on their own time. The screenings are open to the public, but mostly students from the class attend.

Using films as a lecture series

Erin Robb, an English department instructor and organizer of the film series, said although movies are easier than ever to access online, there are still benefits to watching films in a larger group.

“You get the energy of other people’s reaction to the film,” Robb said. “When other people start reacting to it, you feed on that.”

Robb added that usually about 12 to 40 people show up, and she hopes advertising the event will lead to a wider viewership in the future.

Selina Chau, a English 1130 student, said she prefers to watch the films at home.

“It’s easier watching it at home so you can Google [the parts you don’t understand],” Chau said.

Chau ended up attending last week’s viewing of Strictly Ballroom, two days in a row, as it helps her feel prepared for class.

Another student from the class, Neelam Prasad, said it was difficult to find the time in her schedule to watch the film.

“We said we’d watch it on our own time but we never did,” said Prasad. “You’d think it’s easier to watch at home, but you don’t end up watching it.”

For each of the four weeks of the screenings, there is a different category of film: silent, classic, foreign and contemporary. This week the final film, It Follows was shown in Building A and the last screening is Thursday, Nov. 3 at 6:30 p.m. in room A136b.

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