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E-cigarettes banned in public areas

E-cigarette fluid packages inside a store (Jonathan Parkin)
E-cigarette fluid packages inside a store. Photo: Jonathan Parkin

Reported by James Goldie & Jonathan Parkin

Fresh air advocates at Langara College are breathing easier following a recent decision by Vancouver city council to ban the use of e-cigarettes in public places where smoking is prohibited.

On Oct. 1, council voted to subject electronic smoking devices to the same restrictions as tobacco products.

The bylaw, proposed by Dr. Meena Dawar of Vancouver Coastal Health, accepts that not enough is known about the health impacts of e-cigarettes. The new bylaw restricts sales to minors and prevents the advertising of e-cigarettes and related products.

Maggie Ross, manager of Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs at Langara, will be communicating to students and staff as soon as her office receives details about the bylaw. The new e-cigarette policies will be enforced by campus security.

“I haven’t received any complaints,” Ross said, with regards to e-cigarette use on campus, where there are designated smoking areas.

Students’ opinion about the ban

Amelia Elejo (Jonathan Parkin)
Amelia Elejo. Photo: Jonathan Parkin

Amelia Elejo, a criminology student at Langara College, is not surprised.

“Most of the e-cigarette users I know just smoke in places where smokers usually hang out,” she said.

Langara student Cliff Matson supports the new bylaw because e-cigarettes can act as a gateway to using tobacco products.

“I understand that it leads to temptation for a few,” Matson said.

E-cigarettes won’t hurt business

Neil Brill, manager of Vancity Vapor, does not buy this theory.

“I don’t see someone trading in a pleasant way to get their . . . fix for a really nasty way to get it,” Brill said. “It doesn’t make sense to me. That’s like switching from coffee to go and chew coffee beans.”

Brill is not concerned by the new ban.

“It’s not going to impact our business,” he said. “None of my customers really feel like it’s going to affect them … the law’s just making sure people stay discreet.”

Brill said he is confident that over time, these regulations will be dismantled when more research has taken place.

Langara journalism students tell The Voice what their opinion is on the new regulations regarding e-cigarettes. Also, watch an e-cigarette user showcase the different parts of an e-cigarette. Video by Ali Crane and Edrick Dudang



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