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Opinion: Drunk biking the better option after a night out


By Kurtis Gregory

If you can ignore the inherent idiocy of the activity, then biking under the influence of alcohol might be the best thing since sliced bread.

In the past decade one of the greatest taboos in our society has become driving under the influence of alcohol, for the entirely understandable reason that you are piloting a one ton hunk of metal while partially delirious.

For those of us who don’t like walking home or paying for a cab after a night out, and are aware that in B.C. drunk driving kills 66 people in an average year, riding a bike home seems like a perfect solution. Even more so when you consider that biking is significantly easier when drunk and actually pretty fun.

Various bike shops around the Lower Mainland seem to be picking up on the benefits as well, offering beer can holders for your bike. If that image wasn’t the most Vancouver hipster chic thing you’ve pictured in a while, then perhaps the growing trend of micro-brewery bike crawls will be.

The other side

As someone who has taken part in biking whilst blasted many times, I should warn any excited readers that, while it seems like a fun Friday night, it sometimes has a, usually sudden, consequence.

The fact is, trash cans, cars and curbs are much harder to see when you’re biking home drunk at two in the morning. And while the alcohol will conveniently numb the pain until you wake up the next morning with road rash down the side of your face (personal experience), there is always a chance that you won’t wake up from the crash.

If you can live with the risks, you might be surprised to hear that riding drunk isn’t explicitly illegal (though public intoxication is) so long as you wear a helmet and don’t ride on the sidewalk.

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