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Drinking Belgian beer dry


In celebration of Belgian Beer Day, a North Vancouver restaurant, The District, decided to hold a “30 Days of Belgian Beer” event which started March 7.

Each day, the restaurant, situated near Lonsdale Quay, features a different Belgian import beer for $4 off, and for Belgian Beer Day on April 5, all 30 will be sold at the feature price.

The District has carried Belgian beers for the last seven years. Owner Paul Mon-Kau is from the Netherlands, and when opening his restaurant felt Belgian food was both something he could personally identify with and more accessible than Dutch food.

Owner of The District Paul Mon-Kau pours up a beer.
Owner of The District Paul Mon-Kau pours up a beer.

The decision to feature Belgian beer was a natural fit.

Belgian beer holds a certain mystique for beer drinkers because each one is different and difficult to categorize.

“They’ve always made beers with different flavours and components and spices and herbs,” Mon-Kau said. “When people say, ‘Oh, it’s a Belgian-style beer,’ that’s a blanket way of saying it’s not a lager or IPA.”

According to Mon-Kau, Belgium produces 850 regular beers and 9,000 seasonal beers.

Adding to the mystery of Belgian beer are the old legends surrounding the secretive brews produced by Trappist monks.

One Vancouver brewer, Ben Coli, seeks to demystify Belgian beer through the product of his soon-to-open micro-brewery Dageraad Brewing.

Coli has a a nine-part online journal on the brewery website, which his experiences with Belgian beer and opening the brewery.

Dageraad will be brewing beer in the traditional Belgian style, and will be the first in the province to do so.

“To really do it properly in a lot of ways, you really need to dedicate yourself to it, to get to know the yeast,” Coli said.

Colin hopes to promote the category-defying Belgian-style beer and make it more accessible for Vancouverites looking to try the brew .

Coli suggested people can be apprehensive about trying a new beer, but encouraged everyone to branch out with their beer tasting. “You just have to be up for an adventure, to give it a go.”

Reported by Edmond Lu

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