DIY holiday gifts for students on a budget

A fine example of a budget gift made with nothing but paper and hands.
A fine example of a budget gift made with nothing but paper and hands. Photo: Jake Hewer

It’s that time of year again. You know what I’m talking about, that time where you are struggling to decide what you should get your friends and family for the coming holiday season.

Sure you could blow a lot of money on fancy new clothes, or maybe pick up the new Nintendo Wii U, as I’m sure many will, for just over $350.

But why buy spend your money buying something for your loved ones when you could just make something on your own? Nothing beats a homemade gift and your recipients are sure to be grateful that you spent time and effort on making a gift rather then buying one.

It’s a great gesture and saves money, especially if you’re a starving student with not much in the bank account.

DIY if you’re on a budget

Do-it-yourself (DIY) has become more popular nowadays, with many blogs and columns detailing DIY ideas for their readers.

One of those columns belongs to Langara journalism graduate Julia Dilworth, who now writes DIY columns at local newspaper 24 Hours Vancouver.

“Do-it-yourself gifts are perfect for Christmas because I think a lot of people prefer a thoughtful homemade gift these days and DIY has come a long way from knit scarves and mittens,” she said. “Even if you try something and comes out all crooked and ugly, it truly is the thought that counts and people appreciate that.”

You can almost always find local Christmas markets and fairs that are full of homemade crafts and goodies this time of year if your not up to making your own present.

Origami good for paper

One potential gift idea that is all about DIY is the Japanese art form known as origami. It’s a delicate art that takes some practice but once you get it the results can be quite beautiful. So we decided to give our valued a readers a little help.

After all, legend has it thee who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish, or you could pop down to the United Way Craft and Gift Fair happening through out the week on campus.

Here’s a demonstration by Brandon Reid of how to fold a paper crane:

Reported by Jake Hewer

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