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Deck the halls with cocktails for all

Holiday liquor such as rye and vodka are used to make holiday drinks at the Vancouver Christmas Market. Photo by Kristyn Anthony.


Reported by Kristyn Anthony

It doesn’t matter if you’re into Christmas or not, the one thing most people can agree on is that it’s the one time of year when it’s completely acceptable to get into the booze.

Cocktails taking off

It’s no secret that Vancouver’s craft cocktail scene is booming. With craft distilleries popping up all over the province, cocktails, both classic and modern, are back in a big way.

At the Vancouver Christmas Market, Rachel von Hahn was pouring samples from the award-winning Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery.

Bartender at Glowbal Restaurant Group pours a white Russian holiday drink. Photo by Kristyn Anthony.

“We have everything from fruit liqueurs to fruit brandies, as well as vodka and gin,” von Hahn said. “People normally like fruit liqueurs the most, they’re fruity and really easy to drink so it’s just something that a lot of people can enjoy.”

Make your own at home

For those who want to try their hand bartending at home, von Hahn suggests pre-made cocktail kits for classics like Kir Royals or Moscow Mules.

“People really like that,” she said. “It comes with a little tag that shows you how to make them so they’re perfect stocking stuffers.”

At Glowbal Restaurant Group downtown, bar manager Matteo Caniglia is gearing up for a busy holiday season.

“People like classic cocktails around the holidays,” Caniglia said. “Anything rye-based, or warmer cocktails, with an espresso base.”

With a daily cocktail hour, and prime location for Christmas shoppers and tourists, a fireside seat inside or on the patio is the perfect place to sip one of Glowbal’s signature drinks.


Check out the photo gallery below for more delicious holiday drinks and liquor! Photos by Kristyn Anthony.

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