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Cozy up and fall in love with affordable autumn trends


Reported by Alison Pudsey and Jenna Tytgat

Fall brings cozy and costly trends, but according to fashion blogger Sabrina Fenster, fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Fall fashion this year is all about versatility, in a comfortable yet polished way. Layering different hemlines, oversized plaid button-ups, turtlenecks styled under dresses, and blanket scarves to snuggle up in, are just a few things popping up in shop windows. Students can find cheap alternatives to the runway looks by exploring different thrift stores and retail shops.

Fenster runs StreetScoutMe, a Vancouver-based fashion blog that aims to provide outfit ideas and style tips to those seeking inspiration on what to wear.

Sabrina Fenster, fashion blogger from StreetScoutMe

“When it comes to trends, they’re passing, so you can either skip them all together or find inexpensive versions that won’t break the bank,” Fenster said in an email. “When it comes to investment pieces, your money should be allotted to the staples that will make up your wardrobe for years to come. Even if it means buying one piece per season or whatever your budget allows.”

She added that students can find new ways to wear old pieces and suggests trying one of her favourite fall trends: wearing a dress over jeans or trousers.

“It’s a nice way to get longevity out of your dresses, plus it’s a more edgy and stylish alternative to tights,” said Fenster.

Fenster recommends using sites like Pinterest to explore different styles and follow other fashion bloggers with a style you’re most drawn to.

“I believe the best fashion show is on the streets and [that] will always be the most relevant way to discover new trends,” she said.

Sahll Rana is an international student at Langara. He said his outfit is from India.

Catherine Tan is an accounting student at Langara College, and makes sure that she budgets carefully in order to afford the clothing she wants.

“I actually have a notebook where it says for this week this is what I’m going to be able to spend,” said Tan. “I really account for all I spend to make sure that I do not overspend.”

Victoria Skaper, second year student in general studies said she loves oversized plaid and blanket scarves, and shops at stores like Artizia, Used House of Vintage and 8th & Main.

“Usually I don’t shop with the intention of buying, I kind of just fall in love with products and splurge,” said Skaper. “When I see something that’s a little more expensive then I necessarily wanted to buy but I’m obsessed with it, I kind of think about what I could cut back on and just work around that. I’m pretty good at managing my money.”

Sahll Rana is an international student studying computer science at Langara and is enjoying Canadian fashion, but is finding it quite expensive.

“I try to get shoes for the best [price],” Rana said. He said his favourite piece of clothing is his brown leather jacket.


Click the interactive photos below for more information about each trend: plaid shirts, blanket scarves, distressed denim and turtlenecks.



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