Coquitlam to appeal following road sign discontent

The Now photo: A sign dubbed as confusing by council for motorists as they enter Coquitlam.

B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will be having their door banged down by Coquitlam city council after continued requests for road signs to be made more clear were ignored by the ministry apparently.

Council are concerned that the exit sings along Highway 1 don’t use the common names for area roads and this is causing confusion amongst motorists. It was also claimed that some motorists are getting off on the wrong exits.

“These highway signs are under Provincial responsibility.  We are asking the province to do a better job with way finding.  Their signage practice is less than satisfactory for using the highway system,” Coun. Selina Robinson told us.

Some of the signs that display “Highway 7b” are the signs being asked to be more informative.

Why? Well Highway 7b is better known to most as the Mary Hill Bypass. So why not just put Mary Hill Bypass on the sign? Surely this would be easier for motorists to navigate and cause less accidents in the process. Seems common sense.

To be fair to the ministry  they obviously have other plans and priorities on their minds right now.

“Motorists trying to choose their exit to go east on Lougheed Highway to Coquitlam Centre or use the Maryhill Bypass to head to Port Coquitlam must instead make quick choices between Hwy 7 and Hwy 7b,” explained Coun. Craig Hodge. Obviously the average motorist may not know 7b from 7. Might be a time for those with bad eye sight also to get that checked up! Unless the signs are changed of course.

“Council has tried working with the builders and engineers, but has gotten nowhere. We will now appeal directly to the minister and see what happens,” said Coun. Terry O’Neill.

“Council’s biggest concern is that the signs are very limited in what they say, telling folks everything they need to know about what part of United Boulevard to get to for example, but nothing about how to get to key part of Coquitlam,” said O’Neill.

Hodge also confirmed that council have already in the past written to the highways department  but no action has taken place.

Might be time for minister Mary Polak and co to step up to the plate. Traffic congestion and accidents are bad enough in this province. Every opportunity that can be taken to make driving more comfortable and easier should be.

Reported by Ross Armour

This post first appeared on Ross Armour and Lev Jackson’s Coquitlam Beat News blog

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