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Convicted thief recently spotted on Langara campus


A man known to police with a history of thefts has been banned from Langara College.

Tyson Berrow, 28, is not a student at Langara and has not been charged with theft on the campus.

Langara security site supervisor Nathan Livingston said several people reported seeing a suspicious male inside campus classrooms and labs where items were stolen.

Tyson Berrow's Facebook profile picture
Tyson Berrow’s Facebook profile picture

Berrow previously convicted of theft at UBC

Berrow was most recently found guilty in March 2013 of theft under $5,000 at UBC, and his most recent court date was March 24 for another count of theft at UBC.

Livingston said Berrow has been given verbal notice that he is not allowed at Langara under the B.C. Trespass Act, and a letter directing Berrow not to come on campus has been written, but not delivered to him yet.

Berrow will have committed an offence if he enters Langara after having been instructed not to.

“The campus is also working closely with the Vancouver Police Department in order to have Mr. Berrow quickly removed if he is seen on campus,” Livingston said in an email.

Security services release poster warning students

Security gave the journalism department a poster decribing Berrow, but Livingston said facilities and security do not feel it is necessary to display the posters around the school.

The poster describes Berrow as “very brazen” and it says he “will enter occupied labs and classrooms and take phones, wallets, and laptops.”

On his Facebook page Berrow said he worked at “being a baller” and was educated until “I think Grade 10.” He did not respond to a request for comment through Facebook.

Facebook photo
Facebook photo

Students don’t know much about thefts

Langara student Lilly Wass said she heard from her friends there had been thefts on campus, but didn’t know anything else about it.

“I definitely thought that . . . I was OK leaving my bag in a lecture hall,” she said.

Wass also said she thinks it would be beneficial to have posters about Berrow displayed around the school for students’ knowledge.

Student Aaron Ballena didn’t know about Berrow, and said he thinks “security is a bit lax.”

Reported by Megan Bobetsis

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