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Christmas shoppers avoid busy lines by making purchases online

Andrew Feig, manager at the Granville Island Toy Company on Main St., holding a Hatchimal, the “it” toy this Christmas that is sold out across the province. Photo by Lauren Boothby.

Reported by Lauren Boothby

An increasing number of Vancouver residents are forgoing busy shopping malls in favour of a more relaxed shopping experience.

Previously only an American phenomenon, Black Friday has become more popular in Canada. Recently, those searching for sales look to find an online equivalent on the following Monday, being called Cyber Monday.

People are turning to Cyber Monday instead of Black Friday for all their shopping needs

Metropolis at Metrotown shopping centre, during this holiday season. Photo by Lauren Boothby.

Cyber Monday is has become increasingly popular in recent years with more people opting to shop online rather than standing in long line-ups at stores.

Andrew Feig, manager at The Granville Island Toy Company Main St. location said business has been picking up at his store since the weekend.

“With the whole Black Friday rush, people were definitely out-and-about shopping,” he said.

Feig said that a notable change this year has been an increase traffic for the online store.

“We are seeing a pretty steady increase in sales on our website. The sales had been picking up pretty gradually, and then all of the sudden it’s become really busy,” he said. “We have to staff for [online orders] in particular now.”

Shivany Shivany, a computer science student at Langara, said that she prefers buying some products online.

“You don’t have to go out, and you can have some free time at home,” she said. “I can read the reviews online.”

For some people, using their credit card online is terrifying

But not everyone is comfortable with online shopping. Alexandra Polo, a political science student at Langara, does not feel safe using her credit card online.

“I don’t really trust online shopping,” she said. “I’m from Italy so it’s not really safe to shop online. It’s because sometimes they will steal your money, or the things you buy are not really high quality, so that’s why I don’t shop online.”

Polo prefers to shop in person with cash or debit.

“I [can] see the product as well, and I see the quality of the product and the material,” she said. “Sometimes when you buy online the size may not be right or the quality may not be good.”


Click on the video below to see some new and unique toys flying off the shelves this Christmas. Video by Lauren Boothby.

Clay Streimer of the Granville Island Toy Company. Video by Lauren Boothby.

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