Celebration of Excellence awards scholarships to Langara students

Barbra Schafer has been donating to Langara’s scholarship foundation for years. She used to work at Langara as a librarian. Photo: Jacqueline Langen

For some enrolled at Langara, the endless hours of work and dedication put into school finally paid off — literally.

At the Celebration of Excellence on Monday afternoon, students, employees and donors gathered together to recognize individual academic excellence by awarding recipients their scholarships.

Financial relief thanks to scholarships 

“It certainly helps lighten the financial burden,” said athletic scholarship winner Jeff Chu. The award recognizes Chu’s athletic achievement on the basketball court as well as his success in the classroom.“It’s tough being a student especially when you play a sport and you’re in school.

You don’t have a lot of time to work and make money, so by getting a scholarship it helps out in that way,” he said.

Recognition is nice 

“It feels fantastic,” said Xerox Canada Design Formation Scholarship winner Kaycee Vandenberg. “I can definitely use the money. It’s a busy program. I don’t really have a lot of chances to work so the money helps out a lot,” she said. The scholarship was established by Xerox Canada to recognize students in publishing, design formation and fine arts on a rotating basis.

This year’s award honoured Vandenberg for showing outstanding design achievement and dedication to the program. Vandenberg said she chose Langara specifically for their design formation program and the way it was presented to students.

Langara has something to offer 

“There are no other programs really like it in Vancouver. It’s just a two-year intensive program. We get a lot of different experience. There is nothing like it. I love the hands-on teaching that we get,” said Vandenberg.

The hands on approach that enticed Vandenberg to Langara also entices donors.

Donors are drawn to Langara’s hands-on approach

“We felt that Langara is practically oriented which appeals to me as a businessman,” said first year donor David Drummond, managing director of isoSolutions, the company sponsoring the Armstrong-Lepeska Science Marketing Scholarship.

“We like the fact that it’s a place where students can get a good start on their education as opposed to some of the larger four year universities,” he said.

According to Drummond, the award is designed to encourage a science student to also study marketing. What the industry needs is science students who can market themselves and their products, said Drummond.

“Ultimately going to university is obviously about learning but it’s also about making yourself employable so that you can develop a career. So the award we are giving is designed to hopefully help a student start a career. ”

Reported by Annie Ellison and Ryan Banagan

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