Canucks make tiny splash at trade deadline

A scrum of Canucks players try to find the puck. Photo Courtesy: Commons Wikimedia.
A scrum of Canucks players try to find the puck. Photo: Wikimedia

Trade deadline summarized: Roy, newest acquisition, and some guy named Luongo is staying.

Former Dallas Stars, and veteran centreman, Derek Roy is now a Vancouver Canuck, as is Roberto Luongo, which may appear even more shocking

What will Roy bring?

Roy will hope to boost the team’s offensive powers as it tries to cope with several critical injuries, in particular Ryan Kesler.

“He’s a real savvy player . . . makes some really smart passes out there,” said new teammate, and perhaps line-mate, Chris Higgins.

The 29-year old Ottawa native stands  5’9″, weighs 188 pounds and sits at 22 points this season. Roy put together an impressive 81 point season in 2007 with the Buffalo Sabres, but hasn’t been able to reach that mark ever since. But Vancouver hopes a fresh start in a hockey-town will ignite the dormant star.

Roy brings leadership to the locker room, something he’s a success with early in his career. Roy won the Emms Family Award, given to the top rookie in the Ontario Hockey League, while playing with the Kitchener Rangers in the 1999-00 season. He also led the Rangers to a 2003 Memorial Cup as the team’s captain, claiming the finals MVP award.

Hockey News lists Roy’s assets as a player who “can make his team-mates around him better” and an impeccable work ethic, something coach Vigneault will surely appreciate.

A possible downside is that Roy is injury-prone. He most recently suffered a groin injury, which could account for his mediocre 22 points.

Simply put: the Canucks do not need another injury with Ryan Kesler, Mason Raymond, Dale Weise and Keith Ballard currently out of the lineup.

Roy: good (rental) pick

A CBC poll posted on its website asked: “Who won the Derek Roy trade? Vancouver or Dallas?”

The poll returned with a 75 per cent vote in favour of Vancouver.

Canuck fans, Jared Plowman and Sarah Lillemo. Photo by Kelci Nicodemus.
Canuck fans, Jared Plowman and Sarah Lillemo. Photo: Kelci Nicodemus

“He’s a good player,” said self-described die-hard fan Cyrus Mazdine. “We gave up [Kevin Connauton], a player we would never  play . . . anyway and a second round draft pick,” said Mazdine.

But, Mazdine admits Roy could just be a “rental”, as his contract is up after the year.

“Roy will want six million, which the Canucks can’t afford,” said Mazdine.

Students on Roberto Luongo

After year long talks of being traded, Luongo remains with the Canucks.

Students at Langara College render mixed results.

Josh Manuel, a math student, said he’s glad Luongo’s still with the Canucks.

“He’s a really strong hold for the team,” added Manuel.

He believes the reason Luongo didn’t get traded is because he’s since stepped it up and the fans are starting to like him again.

“We can’t have both goalies for as long as we want,” he said, referring to the Canucks other goaltender, Cory Schneider, who has had significantly more playing time than Luongo.

Canuck fans, Jared Plowman and Sarah Lillemo. Photo by Kelci Nicodemus.Sciences student Jared Plowman said he’s also happy Luongo is not being traded.

“[Last year] was his worst year, but before that he’s always been a top ten goalie,” Plowman said.

Scott Bae on the other hand wished Luongo was moved because of the salary cap and simply isn’t required.

“Having two star goalies on one team is a waste,” Bae said.

Reported by Niall Shannon and Kelci Nicodemus

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