Times of India Film Awards: stars land at YVR

Fans await the arrival of famous Bollywood actors. Photo: Puneet Dhami

The Bollywood stars have started rolling in for the Times of India Film Awards taking place on April 6.

Eager fans awaited their favourite Indian film stars at Vancouver International Airport.

Fans couldn’t wait 

Most of the fans are attending the awards night on April 6, but couldn’t wait to see the stars up close on arrival.

“I work here [at YVR], so when I heard they were coming I thought I’d come see them,” said tourism counselor Sharleen Ali. “I am very excited to see them so I’m glad they picked B.C. as their destination.”

Fans do not know who is flying in but they have been guessing. The flights are scheduled for different times in the week

Actor Ramanathan Madhavan arrives at YVR. Former Voice reporter Michelle Gamage looks on. Photo: Puneet Dhami.

Ramanathan Madhavan, best known for his roles in films like 3 Idiots and Tanu Weds Manu, was the first to arrive.

“This is my first time here in Vancouver, very nice,” said Madhavan.

“I loved him in 3 idiots,” said a fan Simrin Kang.

A once in a lifetime experience 

Kang and her friend Anup Sangha love Bollywood and are excited for the awards show on Saturday.

“I’m excited to see Shah Rukh Khan, he’s my favourite actor,” said Kang. “It’s definitely a once in a life time experience being here.”

Kang is excited to dress up for the awards night and will be wearing her finest Indian eveningwear.

“John Abraham landed yesterday, we wanted to see him but found out today that he landed yesterday,” said Kang.

Vancouver’s own A-list red carpet 

“I’ve never been to a red carpet event, so this is exciting,” said another fan, Alia Khan. “We have floor seats on Saturday.”

Awards show host Boman Irani walked through the doors shortly after Madhavan.

Singers Shalmali Kholgade and Kavita Seth also excited fans on the red carpet and will be presenting some musical features at the awards night

Singer Kavita Seth, winner of India’s Got Talent 3, sings for her fans at YVR. Photo: Puneet Dhami

Kavita Seth serenades fans

“This is my first time here to perform, excited to also be nominated,” said Seth. “I live, breathe and eat music.”

Seth provided her fans with a small performance while signing autographs.

“We love you,” chanted fans Jaiden Dua, Divya Sath and Tanya Wasson.

Fans camped for hours to see their favourite stars and will continue to welcome them throughout the week.

Reported by Puneet Dhami 

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