Athletic scholarships help students at Langara pay for school

Jolissa Crossley, member of the Langara Falcon's women's basketball team
Jolissa Crossley, member of the Langara Falcon’s women’s basketball team. PHOTO: Jacqueline Langen

For the athletically gifted, one way to defray the cost of post-secondary education is through sports scholarships.

The Langara athletics department allocates approximately $72,000 each year towards student athletic scholarships. This is nearly one quarter of the department’s total budget for each fiscal year – and proves to be money well spent.

“Scholarships are awarded based on athletic performance, commitment and leadership skills,” said Athletic Department Assistant, Carly Scarr.

First year student and member of the Langara Falcons women’s basketball team, Jolissa Crossley says that receiving an athletic scholarship has benefited her immensely.

“If you work hard in athletics, it can provide you a gateway to school,” said Crossley.

A positive impact

Not only does the funding support Crossley financially, it also positively impacts her educational experience by improving her motivation to do well in all of her classes, and to better her attendance.

The business department will be awarding approximately $3,500 in scholarships for the spring semester. Third year marketing student Christopher Glubisz thinks that more funding should be granted.

“In order for us to attend more networking events and other various business functions, more money needs to be introduced. We as business students are competing with others from UBC and Simon Fraser University,” said Glubisz.

Sports teams receive first choice of classes during registration period.

Maximum Fitness Boot Camp trainer and prior youth athletics coach Nathan Penner thinks that sports are a big part of our culture and should be recognized accordingly.

“People can spend a lot of time and effort practicing their sport and they should be rewarded for that. There should be opportunities for everyone,” said Penner.

Reported by Jacqueline Langen

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