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Ajay Patel appointed to new vice-president position


Reported by Caitlin O’Flanagan

Ajay Patel, Langara’s new vice-president of external development. Submitted photo.

Ajay Patel, a Langara alum and staff member at the college since 2002, has recently been appointed the position of vice-president of external development.

In his new role, he will be responsible for international education, advancement, continuing studies, institutional research, and communications and marketing. He said these are all strong programs, and that he hopes to continue contributing to their growth and the college’s academic goals.

“I would like to support community service learning opportunities, locally and abroad, for our students and expand student financial assistance through increased engagement with donors and alumni,” Patel said.

Nothing but good things

Patel said he finds it easy to talk about Langara in a positive light, and that he has had great experiences, both as a student and as a member of faculty at the college.

Being responsible for continuing studies programs are going to be a part of Patel’s new job. Photo by Caitlin O’Flanagan.

“We are a very well respected institution locally, nationally and internationally and I think that’s a credit, not only to the institution and all the faculty and staff that support it, but it’s a credit to our students,” he said.

Patel’s long time involvement garners college’s full support

Patel was a student at Langara between 1987 and 1992, where he completed his diploma before transferring to UBC for his Masters of Human Kinetics and Coaching Sciences. His wife also attended Langara, and graduated from the nursing program. In addition, their two children, a 12-years-old daughter and nine-years-old son, both had gone to Langara’s daycare. Patel said he felt privileged to have his children be a part of this program, and that it only deepened his connection to the college.

Dawn Palmer, vice-president of people services, is confident that Patel’s past success and work within the college will help him thrive in his new position.

“Considering the success Ajay has achieved over his years of progression at the college, [Langara] is confident that Ajay will excel in his new role.”

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