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Langara-SFU partners to break down barriers for indigenous students

More options provided to Langara's indigenous students who want to go to SFU


By Ryan Ng

Langara Indigenous students gain an advantage because of an SFU transfer partnership.

The SFU-Langara Indigenous Transfer Pathway is a great way to make it easier for Indigenous students to transition from college to university with specified admissions and entrance awards.

A similar partnership with UBC has already been established back in 2015 after a successful pilot program three years prior.

This is all good news for the Indigenous students as it allows them options for their post-secondary education with two prestigious universities.

Additional options for schools for the students is beneficial as some may prefer one university to the other because the school may provide certain programs or specialties. The location may also be an additional factor for the student’s choice as not every student can live by UBC.

Hopefully, more universities in Canada will decide to support Indigenous students with their education and offer themselves as an alternative. More transferable options in other parts of Canada could also be nice as it can offer Indigenous students the experience of other Canadian Indigenous cultures in a different location.

However, this program can be seen as an unfair advantage given to Indigenous students because they might not have to work as hard to get into a university.

According to Statistics Canada, 9.8 per cent of Indigenous people aged 25 to 64 have a university degree compared to 26.5 per cent for non-Indigenous people in Canada and 28.9 per cent of Indigenous people aged 25 to 64 have no certificate, diploma or degree, compared to 12.1 per cent of non-Indigenous people.

Programs like this are important to help Indigenous students go above and beyond in their education and break down education barriers.

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