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VIDEO: South Van volleyballers invited to play year round at 6Pack Indoor Beach


Reported by Chandler Walter and Anna Tilley

In this video, editors Anna Tilley and Chandler Walter speak to 6Pack Indoor Beach about their sport facilities. 

For those who don’t want to pack up their volleyball equipment at the end of summer, there is a place to welcome you to the beach all year.

Located just south of Marine Drive at the Knight Street Bridge, is a hidden gen called 6Pack Indoor Beach. For those who are avid volleyball players, they have five full sized volleyball courts containing more than 700 metric tons of sand ready for all levels of players.

Participants can get involved with enthusiastic staff and fellow athletes in tournaments, leagues or just by swinging by as a drop in. Many participants come every week, slowly developing a welcoming community.

With this one of a kind company, beach lovers don’t have to have the worry about the gloomy rain the city receives with 6Pack’s beach themed cafe, soft sand and summery vibes.

Archery tag, a game integrating paintball, dodgeball and archery is also a growing hit here, and they offer to host birthdays, corporate events and more.

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