Federal government cuts student employment centres

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The government is closing down student employment centres, where young people could go for personal help in their job search.

The Canadian government has recently made cuts to programs that help students find summer-time employment.

The Department of Human Resources and Skills Development, which saved $6.5 million from the cuts, is planning to improve their website to provide students with the same amount of help.

The offices that are normally set up every summer, were closed after attendance rates began to decrease and more of a demand was heard for more online services.

“By enhancing the online features on [the website], and offering services at Service Canada offices, there is no longer the need for these seasonal, temporary locations to be established,” said Alyson Queen, a spokesperson for Human Resources Minister Diane Finley.

The Service Canada Centres for Youth offered students a wide range of help with many different tasks, such as resume and cover letter writing tips, preparing students for interviews, providing students access to computers to search for job listings and also to print resumes and cover letters.

Langara instructor says job search will not be harder

Despite the closures, Langara Economics instructor Fulton Tom thinks that the job search won’t be any harder for students this summer because the economy has remained fairly similar to this time last year.

“I would think that job opportunities for students should remain the same,” said Tom.  “Although, it may mean less service for job seekers and more difficulty for locating those jobs.”

Alexandria Everitt, a clerk specialist with the Financial Aid Services at Langara and former employee of an SCCY in Duncan also believes that the job search may not be more difficult for students.

“It depends if employers are hiring this summer and if students are out looking for the work,” said Everitt.  “SCCY was a one-stop shop, they are just going to have to use the online resources that Service Canada is offering.”

First year arts and sciences student Natasha Killian thinks that finding summer employment without the SCCY won’t be all that challenging.

“I think it will be harder for those who depended on the services,” said Killian.  “But I think most schools teach kids how to write resumes in high school.”

Reported by Omar Shariff

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